Late night thoughts

Five years from now, what could I possibly have already achieved by then?

Will I be able to be of help to everyone as I promised them now? Will I be able to reside in a place that’s thousands of miles away from my motherland as I hoped I would? Will I get to buy the things that I want and need from my own earnings? Will the people that I treasure the most today stay the same?

What new lessons will I be learning from life? What new sights and nature’s wonders will I be able to see? What new experiences will I be having?

What would my next “big step” be?
Will I be much much happier by then?

A lot of which I wish I was good at
A lot of things I wish I had
A lot of what I desire to become
A lot that’s yet to come

You’re not just a piece of a puzzle. No, not even the final one that completes mine. You are a puzzle yourself. And no matter how complicated you could possibly get, I’ll keep trying ‘til I finally got you right.

2 years ago / 3 notes / thoughts,
  • Realized it’s been so long since the last time I attended a wedding.
  • Misses babysitting
  • Let me take care of your babies for awhile, you guys!!
  • Will be leaving tomorrow
  • Hope we get back on or before the resume of classes.
  • Crossing my fingers.
  • Yay, beach!!!!!!!!!!~
  • And seafood! Lot of ‘em!
  • God, this trip better be good.
  • Did I mention that he gave me a book as a present?
  • Which, by the way, I just finished reading.
  • I wanted to squish him right then and there!!
  • Aww. The sister’s crying because her boyfriend just left for KL.
  • Right. Like you need to know that.
  • Oh headache. Ugh.

One thing I learned about distance: It could either make the heart grow fonder or make it go find another.

3 years ago / 3 notes / Err, Thoughts,

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